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Sep 5, 2009

creme caramel

since ramai org mentioned kat saya yg dorg suka melahap creme caramel, so im going to list down and explain how to make the best creme caramel :)
sebenarnya tk susah buat creme caramel ni. a little bit of effort and attention je is all it needed. tgk la nnti, after i explain kat korg ni, mesti korg mcm, "eh tu je? pfftt senang jeee".

Okay, before korang nk buat creme caramel ni. make sure you all dah sediakan mouldings. ala tkyh besar2 sgt. masak besar nnti bila nk keluarkan dr bekas, pudding you senang pecah. so kita masak dlm portion atau bekas yg kecik je.
ok ladies and gentlemen, kita akan masak creme caramel ni gunakan water bath technique.this requires us to bake the creme caramel in a small bekas that would fit into another bekas, and fill the bigger bekas with water. just like the picture shown below :
Paham tak ni gmbr ni?
So, mise-en place for the creme caramel pudding are:
1. castor sugar A, 120g
2. castor sugar B, 120g
3. fresh milk, 250ml
4. egg, 3 numbers.
5. water, 2 tablespoon.
6. whisk
*this amount are for roughly 4-5 person. if korang nak buat twice as much, simply times all of the ingredients by 2. simple maths kan?
1. asingkan sugar A dgn B.
2. masukkan sugar A dlm periuk dn panasskan gula. idea nya skang, kita nak caramelized the sugar, atau buat gula hangus. make sure you kacau gula ni, kalau tk dia berkerak nnt. kacau until gula tu start to melt, and colour dia nk jd brown. AT THIS POINT, make sure jgn sentuh periuk tu sbb SUGAR CARAMELIZES AT 160C okay? so sebaik saja gula tu nk jd brownish in colour, masukkan air 1 tablespoon at a time and make sure gula tu cair, tp not too cair. then, set aside.
3. then, in another bowl. whisk the eggs until the eggs become frothy. pour in the milk and continue whisking until completely mixed. add in the sugar B and keep whisking. add a bit of vanilla essence and whisk until mixed.
4. now, i am giving you A TIP that many people yg bole masak creme caramel ni often overlooked; and that is to STRAIN the mixture. this will give you a fine and clean texture of pudding. then, when you are pouring the mixture into the small bekas like i mentioned above, use a penapis.
5. after you finished pouring. then get the bekas filled with the mixture and put it in the bigger bekas. and in the bigger bekas, fill it with water, about half. TIP, make sure before masukkan dlm oven, korg REMOVE every air bubbles on top of your mixture. put it in your oven.
6. bake it 180C for 25-30 minutes. check often. the end texture should be of a pudding. and take out when done. leave it until dia sejuk.
7. now, for the garnishing, bila da siap masak creme caramel, get a plate (depending the size yg korg buat). terlangkupkan the caramel on the plate. make sure since the caramel is very fragile. now get back to the sugar A you made earlier. panaskan jika perlu, and pour the caramelized sugar on top of your caramel pudding.
8. creme caramel, DONE.
* for extra kesedapan, you can put a scoop of icecream and put it on top of your creme caramel. OR you can eat with fresh fruits. i.e. strawberrys, kiwis, and etc. :)

thank you Apek for the pictures.
so, sekarang you guys bole la try and buat creme caramel ni kt rumah and impress everybody! atau masak utk diri sendiri and melahap la korang sorg2 smbil tgk movie. haha. best tau. cubalah. thnk you. :D