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Nov 20, 2009


I actually got lots to share, lots to tell. My last post was in September, and that waasss aggeesss agooo. Apologies, that was my busy time because of my studies. And i think i got heaps to catch up. Actually, my genius friend, Sarah Iliana, the famous person in Assunta PJ, ( LOL, tibe2 tertulis :p ) who reminded that i should update my blog. And so here i am, writing a piece.

I just want to share with you all. Do you guys love cooking? Well, if you don't, you should start, from your heart. Cooking should be something to enjoy. It teaches you to care, pay attention to details, and the most important point, that it lets out your creativity, in my opinion it does. And the reward, is satisfaction, and you can't buy that. Satisfaction that comes from when you see that your food is enjoyable by many, is like sex or a drug. That feeling, that once you taste it, you feel WOAHHHH.This is orgasmic. Lol. 

Well, what i have been doing in my holidays, is experimenting with foods. And i found quite a lot. I became a fan of Basils, or Daun Selasih. If you add it to a sambal dish, it gives this aromatic and add of depth in flavor. And the other day, my dad plucked out sweet potatoes and gave me them. And i tried experimenting, that if you blend the potatoes with udangkering, and some other stuffs, and i turned it into a soup. I know, udang kering and them sweet potatoes are the basic ingredients to make mee bandung. But, i don't care, i made a soup, with no recipes or what ever. 

That's it for me, i'll be thinking of what recipes to post after this. Do tell me if you tried it, or you have a problem. Or you want to ask for recipes. 

Thanks for your time. :)

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  1. bila aku jadi budak assunta pun ntah.. aku pegi assunta utk tumpang ambik muet sajaa.. oh btw, what happened to ur hp? i tried to msg tak delivered. aku nak lepak..ask about some recipiess..